About Kelli Sweeden

About Kelli

Kelli was born in Pennsylvania, and grew up in Delaware. After attending Brandeis University in Massachusetts, Kelli transferred to the University of Arizona to get away from the snow and study acting and creative writing, and has been a proud Tucson resident since 2000. With a background in public service at the Pima County Public Library and the Recorder's Office, Kelli has a strong sense of community and excellent research and communication skills. At Habitation Realty, Kelli wears several hats--property manager, maintenance supervisor, and tenant liaison. As the main point of contact for tenants, she is there for them from the lease signing and move-in walk through, to repair requests and the routine 6 month inspections. Verifying that work is properly completed and invoiced and that the owners' properties are well-maintained goes hand-in-hand with tenant relations, making the rental process run smoothly. Some of Kelli's favorite activities include reading, participating in Tucson's unique music scene, and getting out and seeing the beautiful sights that the desert Southwest has to offer with her loving & talented husband, John, and their 2 daughters.
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