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About Alex

Alex was born in New York City, and moved around the country as he grew up. He finally arrived in Tucson in 1994, never to move again. Alex attended the University of Arizona, and graduated in 2000 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications, and a minor in Creative Writing. He attended Real Estate school immediately after graduation, and began work at Centra Realty in January, 2001. In 2007, he formed Habitation Realty, which was conceived as a boutique firm specializing in the historic and unique homes of Tucson.

As the housing market declined in the following years, Alex expanded into the property management business, and began to focus on residential investment property. While other companies struggled to survive, Habitation Realty developed innovative systems for property investment and management, and was poised for significant growth once the housing market recovered.

Alex is an avid property investor, and has owned nine properties in Tucson, two buildings in Brooklyn, New York, and one historic miner’s shack in Bisbee, Arizona. He is fascinated with the historical aspect of older homes, and has restored several back to their period splendor. While he has experience with all areas of Tucson, Alex especially loves working with the funky old homes in the downtown and central areas of Tucson. He loves to share this intimate knowledge of older homes with his clients, and will often brainstorm with them on potential projects. Disgusted by the shoddy "fix and flip" plague of the last few years, he makes a point to use unconventional techniques and materials to transform neglected properties.

Alex has worked with various investors to transform neighborhood blight into opportunity. He believes that the sustainability of the housing market is largely dependent upon investors who are willing to renovate underappreciated homes and return them to habitability. Alex has extensive contacts in the renovation business, and is always happy to pass these resources on to his clients.

In addition to Real Estate, Alex has been collecting antiques since he was seven years old. He has amassed a significant collection of tube radios, vintage televisions, furniture, and various oddities from the past. He also restores and collects vintage cars, with an emphasis on Buicks and Cadillacs from the 50′s through the 70′s. When he is not selling real estate or working on his car collection, Alex enjoys bike riding, traveling, and camping with his son Dashiell in their restored 1957 El Rey trailer.

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