Why us?

Why Us?

A real estate investment is one of the largest, and most important assets that you own. The key to a profitable and stress free landlord experience is having the right team in place to help you succeed. We focus on maximizing returns on your investment, as well as ensuring that your property is looked after, and that situations are carefully and diligently handled. Whether you are a first time landlord, someone with a growing portfolio, or an investor with large real estate holdings, Habitation Realty has the experience and the team in place to take care of you.




We offer full transparency to you on our pricing, as well as all of the activity on your account. Our state-of-the-art management software gives you full knowledge and insight into any work orders, bills, expenses, and other details about your portfolio 24/7.


Amazing Systems


With thorough and detailed processes for everything, we ensure that your investment is properly cared for, and that details don't get missed. From knowing how to craft a well written listing, to understanding accounting principles to generate accurate financials, we have the proven behind the scenes components to ensure a consistently excellent experience every time.


Taking Care of the Tenant


A critical, but often taken for granted party is the tenant. Providing a great tenant experience is something that we pride ourselves on. Happy tenants take better care of the property, are far less likely to cause issues, and tend to stay longer. We focus on being responsive, and treating them with integrity and respect. We will never abuse on security deposit withholdings, delay necessary repairs, or otherwise act outside of the Arizona Landlord-Tenant Act.


Our Results


With an eviction rate of less than 1% (2014), an occupancy rate of approximately 97% at any given time, and a near 5-star review on both Google and Yelp, we believe that our results speak for themselves.

Let's Go


Habitation Realty is committed to helping you with your continued real estate success. Let us show you what we can do.

What We Offer

  • Professional Management
  • Client Satisfaction
  • No Strings Attached Fees
  • No Cancellation Fees
  • Transparency